Don Mills Achievement Center

In 1925, several prominent individuals of Warren created the Crippled Children Committee to help people who were crippled with polio. Many agencies became aware of the positive steps being taken and thus began to cooperate in the effort. Over the next several years the center began to give aid and care to individuals suffering from all forms of disabilities and have since provided treatment for all those people who have walked through the doors. As time passed, programs were added and services updated, until every need could be met.

In 1955, a corporate name change occurred in order to give thanks and rememberance to a man who dedicated his life to the agency. However, the services and program were still the same with an even greater emphasis placed on quality and caring. Don Mills became an inspiration for us to follow through with, and this created positive and effective services for many disabled individuals.

For our citizens all abilities, we are proud to still carry the torch for our disabled citizens and lead the way for care and treatment. It has been over 90 years that we have cared for our community and we look forward to many more.

For over 90 years, Don Mills Achievement Center, formerly Crippled Children Committee has provided programs and services for the disabled of our community.

Did You Know

Our services are developed to meet the various special needs and challenges of all residents of Warren County and the surrounding areas.

And Most Importantly, Did You Know…

Your generous donation will help us achieve our goals:

* By sponsoring “camerships” for children to attend Camp Talk-A-Lot, our summer Language Program at Champman Dam.

* By purchasing specialized materials and equipment for our Preschool and Speech Therapy programs.

* By sponsoring the Rainbow Swim Program at the YMCA.

* By providing financial assistance to those less fortunate in our commuity.

* By providing support to Operation Take Me Home, electronic monitoring and tracking to locate missing persons in the special needs community.

We have always relied on the kindness and support of our community in our fight against disabilities.